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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The World of Young People

A Child’s World on Web
Recently one TV channel showed children’s exposure to net and what responsibilities should be taken by the internet authorities of different organizations such that the kids can get access to only knowledgeable sites. On today’s era, when everybody has heard about the adult content on the web, a simple way to stop kids’ access to unauthorized and porn sites would be ‘to block’ such sites by using suitable software. There are cases of child abuse on the web. To stop that, social networking sites can generate subdivisions of their websites specially for children. For example, can build a new site under it in the name say, or can have a division for kids in their main site with such model url – By taking such measure, children’s world and emotions on the web can be separated from that of adult people atleast in the SNSs.
School teachers can also play a crucial role by telling children only about some websites dedicated to young age groups. For that school teachers should also be Netizens and they should access net who know which site is offering what.
Many parents buy computers and take internet connections without knowing the ‘online requirement’ of their families. As a result they remain indifferent of what their children are accessing or viewing. If a child is gone in a wrong way on the web, his or her parents can not be declared not-guilty. A monitoring system should be built to check what the child is accessing with interests from his or her parents.
Children have the imagination of their own. It is the responsibility of us to help them to continue that.