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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

When Government Controls Media

I request the readers who are of less than 18 years of age or are women, to skip ( not to read ) this article. He or she can read any other article but not this one. This article is meant for mentally and physically grown up people only.

We know that some months before BBC channel showed Chinese officials were unofficially banning Google on Chinese computers’ browsers. If government tries to control the media matters then the freedom of media is lost, be it Internet media, Print media, Television or Radio media.

We have seen or heard that during many political campaign, political parties show they achievements by using media vehicles such as local / state wise / national / international newspapers, radio channels, TV channels, magazines etc. Sometimes, news suppliers deform news due to vested interest of political parties.

In every country, it is thoroughly watched by the country’s administration if somebody is giving opinion in any website about the fault of county’s administration system. Immediately that site is blocked.

Some developing and underdeveloped countries’ Information and Broadcasting ministry ban international fashion and art TV channels, accusing them of showing nudity and vulgar scenes. Movie channels are also blocked due to same logic. The cultured administrative persons of many countries’ I&B department think that if they ban vulgar TV channels, then number of rape and women abuse cases will not happen or it will happen less in those countries because youths will not be misdirected any more. And, that’s why they banned all ‘adult’ TV channels. Have rape case and physical harassment of women in the countries stopped or became less after that? No. but the market for blue film business has increased a lot. Is that all the governments want? Also I&B ministry shows a second logic. If adult scenes and atrocities are shown on TV channels, then those will have worst kind of effect on kids’ minds. I completely agree with this statement. But kids have their schools (generally). They do not stay awake late at night. So, if adult programmes, violent scenes are shown after 12 midnight, then kids’ parents will not have any problem I think.

Problem in those I&B ministers is they are of our parents’ age or older than that. They are not bad people and I also don’t have any personal grudge against them. The only problem in them is they are not modern.

Like eating, walking , running, sleeping, laughing , crying and other human processes, violence and sex are also quite natural in human life. You have to accept that. And, if somebody is saying that viewing ‘objectionable’ adult scenes are ‘crime’ then s/he must keep in mind that almost every human being is born due to sexual intercourse which is also a ‘crime’. Then stop giving birth to children.

Stop protesting against any inequality or social justice because this can lead to ‘violence’ and that will not covered and printed / aired / shown by media due to several countries’ I&B ministries’ orders.

So, being the responsible citizens of our individual countries, we are going to support governments’ autocratic leadership style and their take over of ‘free’ media.

Do you agree with this policy?

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