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Tuesday, June 26, 2007



What we have read in our text books or in our GK books, that can not be changed much. But the change in new inventions, change in people’s perceptions and change in science in science or technology are breaking old conventions or perceptions and are bringing new concepts.

Pluto, we knew, as the ninth planet of our solar system. But recently, the concept has changed in the recent scientific convention. Now, it is not called a planet but a Dwarf planet. After the discovery of Eris, scientists are saying Pluto is not the biggest dwarf planet. It is the second largest Dwarf planet after Eris. What about the old definition of planet? Will it be changed? I don’t know. But, remember, if scientists again change the definition of dwarf planet, and include dwarf planets in planets group then again we have to change our astronomical definitions. This type of sudden changes in scientific conventions is not acceptable to many.

Another problem comes in choosing the ‘new’ seven wonders of world. I don’t know what was the problem with old Seven Wonders of the World. But, somehow this new concept has arrived. Thanks to the website due to which such a abusive concept against world’s greatest sculptures have come and our Taj Mahal’s existence as one of the seven wonders of the world are suddenly at stake! However, whatever trend comes with time, we have to accept it. I have already casted my vote for Taj Mahal. And we have no option left except voting for Taj Mahal because the site has got what it wanted – publicity. What if, Taj does not get a place in the new seven wonders? Tomorrow a new website may be formed on the web, which may be named as or but that won’t mean everybody is mad or any person of any country having any qualification and age can be American president whatever the poll results in those sites may be.

These websites or concepts must be controlled by a worldwide body which must do analysis and research on newly launched concepts. If the social, technological, political, legal impact of new theories are not good then they should be banned or corresponding website should be blocked such that any convention doesn’t get worse than its earlier stage.

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