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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Wrestling - As I’ve Seen It

Wrestling is one of the violent games I have ever known ( other such games being Karate, Judo, Boxing , Kick Boxing etc. ) where sportsmen get physically and brutally hurt by other sportsmen. Unless and until a wrestler becomes semi – conscious or unconscious and his and her shoulders are not down, the fight continues. One may think it is a boyish game but the number of women wrestlers and women audience for it in developed countries are no less than the other gender. However in India, I see very few wrestling audience from women or girls.

My favourite wrestler is Rock. You know, in WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment ), everything happens in a dramatic way, like a thriller movie. Wrestlers have their own public images, own style and action and costume and dialogues of each wrestler are almost different from other. Rock’s favourite dialogue is, “If you smell…, what the Rock is cooking!”. His body physique, way of wearing stylish sunglasses, his finishing moves ( like, Rock Bottom ), dancing eyebrows --- everything is superb. His costume has a sign of Bull. Apart from Rock I like Batista, HBK, Triple H, Undertaker, Chris Benoit, Kane, Great Khali, John Cena, the Hardy Boys, Bobby Lashley, C M Punk etc. Wrestlers have their different finishing moves, like, batista has Batista has Batista Bomb, Kurt angle has Angle Slam, Rey Mysterio has 619 move, Shawn Michael has Sweet Tune Music etc.

Wrestling corporation organizes world tours. Frequent tours are organized in UK and Canada. In India, I can remember, they once came and the show was shown in Bangalore. That was the promotion part of the game. You can call it worldwide publicity.

A more visual representation of the game can be seen by visiting the site which is the official site of the World Wrestling Entertainment. You can watch videos online or you have the option to purchase those videos.

There are some wrestlers whom I don’t like much or I dislike. Umaga is one among them. I think few have the ability to stop this bulldozer. Two wrestlers who can stop Umaga with dominance are Great Khali and Undertaker. What Randy Orton did to Shawn Michael and RVD, made him a super – villain.

Currently, according to my choice Batista is the most champion wrestler. Though he fights with great zeal and emotion, his moves are just not enough to defeat top class wrestlers like Undertaker. One negative point of Batista is he never uses his feet. I have not seen a kick of his on his competing wrestlers face. If Batista wants to fight and win against his competitors who has large varieties of actions ( like, Rey Mysterio, RVD, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michael, John Cena etc.), then he must invent or adopt new action styles in his fighting. Another good wrestler is Bobby Lashley. Currently, he is the right person to become ECW champion. Then comes John Cena. I don’t like his high scale voice and dialogues but I like music and sometimes action. Although, I think, the Great Khali is abler than him to become WWE RAW champion. Problem in Great Khali is, he is not as quick as John Cena and between his two successive powerful actions, he slows down too much that the opponent gets time to recover from temporary fatigueness. C M Punk doesn’t have big muscles. But his way of actions are pretty attractive. He is one of the young superstars of ECW. But, among all this superstars, Batista is still the boss and the best, I suppose.

In wrestling arena, no two wrestlers are permanent friends. Friendship and trust is built and broken frequently here. We know, Triple H and Shawn Michael were primarily friend, then became enemies and again became friends and formed DX ( a tag team these two wrestlers). Other such examples are relation of Shawn Michael and John Cena; Carlito and Rick Flair etc. Every wrestler has his or her own egoism and when his or her egoism clashes with that of another wrestler, they start fighting and tag team partners break up etc.

In wrestling, every wrestler fights to win a single title. Cricket or Football id not a deadly game as wrestling is. Wrestlers sacrifice their bodies and souls to win a single match. And look at the varieties of wrestling skills and wrestling techniques these wrestlers have. New wrestling moves and techniques are coming day by day. Don’t you get a sense of creativity in these moves? Wrestling is shown on TV like any other popular TV serials where there are heroes, heroines, villains, comedians, cameramen, technicians, creative persons and engineers, managers, excited audiences. But one thing that you will never find in any other popular TV shows, you will find it here. That is the game itself, the Wrestling.

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